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here Why did you choose to be an EzyCloud Authorized Merchants?

  • The future of E-trend, professionalism, style, service, are the missions of EzyCloud Technology Holding Limited.

  • We are providing complete and well design services to our collaborating Authorized Merchants and helping the merchants and entrepreneurs who want to generate lucrative revenue through EzyCloud Mobile platform with minimum cost to achieve maximum profit

  • Leading the marketers around the world march towards E-Oriented market in the future.

click The purpose of Recruiting Authorized Merchants

To unite all the different kinds of industries and to integrate the physical stores with Internet to make it easier for EzyCloud users in their daily life expenditures, which include food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, entertainment, will enjoy benefits and rebates.

The benefits of EzyCloud Users

Able to participate in all kinds of promotions jointly organized the merchants, and enjoy a variety of consumer benefits, such as: low-cost promotional, gift coupons, etc. EzyCloud platform make it different from the general market as it allows the users to have more convenience and rebates and is boundless. If going abroad, EzyCloud users are able to use EzyCoin to make payment and enjoy similar benefits and rebates from our oversea authorized merchants.

The biggest different of joining EzyCloud authorized merchants as compare to other dealerships is, EzyCloud is having more than 300,000 users which are the potential customers for the authorized merchants.

  • Complete Management System

    EzyCloud has a complete management system, you do not required to spend huge amount of capital and facing human resource management problems, EzyCloud platform is supported by EzyCloud Technology professional and technical team.

  • Creating a customer base for sharing interests

    Merchant will not be building up the customer base alone. EzyCloud and the merchants will jointly build up the customer base and share among the participated merchants. EzyCoin is accepted at all participated merchants, hence increase the sales volume of merchants.

  • Multinational Coalition

    EzyCloud Platform is boundless and consolidate various merchants from different industries; in addition having multinational users that benefits the participated merchants on globalization.

  • Advertising Promotion

    EzyCloud Platform will conduct irregular free or paid sales promotion through EDM or other methods to promote depending on the merchant sales performance.

  • Advertisement Space

    EzyCloud Platform offer a various advertisement spaces / slots for the selection of the merchants on their choices of advertisement. (Advertisement space/slots depends on the location, size, and pricing.)

The retailers joining as EzyCloud Authorized Merchants, Having the complete system, EzyCloud is able to assist all the participated authorized merchant in consolidating the customer base and create the recurrence ratio. As for the users, they are able to enquire on the amount of EzyCoin on hand and the latest updates on benefits & rebates; which will cultivate a habit for the users to surf in EzyCloud platform regularly. Be observance to use EzyCoin for next visit at the authorized merchants.

With the continuous spending by the users, the sales volume of the merchant increases and is getting more exposure as well as getting higher sales revenue!

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